2 million dollars of Midland University Scholarships available for Striv Students

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Midland University is partnering with Striv to offer $2,000,000 in Striv Scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Midland University sees the creative, skilled, and committed students at Striv schools as fitting for Midland’s quality programs and culture, and an investment in the future of Nebraska.

Striv serves schools and their communities with a media platform that includes live streaming for school events. Students learn and use various media, including live stream, photography, videos, social media, blogs and other communication forms in sharing a schools’ story and building its community. 

The scholarships will be $20,000 renewable scholarships to Midland University for a total value of $80,000 per scholarships. Twenty-five scholarships will be offered for the 2020-21 academic year. 

“This partnership is a great example of two organizations, representing different industries, coming together for a common purpose. Striv and Midland University are partnering to create opportunities for high school students to attend college at an affordable price while allowing them to continue their passions and earn their degree,” says Merrit Nelson, Vice President of Enrollment Management & Marketing at Midland. “Midland University is thankful for the great work Striv is doing for the students in the State of Nebraska.” 

“We are so glad to be able to provide this opportunity for our Striv school students,” says Taylor Siebert, Striv’s CEO. “Midland’s programs and campus have impressed us and will be a special place for Striv school students taking college as their next step. This scholarship along with Midland’s four year graduation guarantee make it a comparable financial decision. We are really excited about this opportunity and the impact it will have for students across the state of Nebraska.” 

Learn more information or request access to the scholarship application by contacting jon@striv.tv

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