3 Crucial Reasons Why Students Need to be Involved in Live Streaming

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Recently there has been a big rise in the use of automated cameras to live stream high school sporting events. 

This means that students are being replaced in their live stream by automated cameras. We believe this is an incredible disservice to students who want to learn how to operate a camera.

Here are three ways students can be part of education-based live streaming in schools. 


Producing a live stream for your school’s die-hard sports fans isn’t an easy task. It requires many different jobs that have to work seamlessly together to produce a quality live stream. 

By letting students be involved in every aspect of live streaming, you are giving them an opportunity to grow their collaborative skills. Working within a team is a skill that is desired at almost every job. 

Team-based opportunities for students in school is much more difficult compared to math or English class. Integrating a team mentality into a digital media class with live streaming allows for more collaboration. Click here to learn more about how you can access a digital media curriculum. The curriculum engages and empowers your students for the future of digital content creation.

students collaborating and broadcasting a sports game at a high school in the media row

Students Discover Passions

High school is a time in our lives when we start to figure out where our interests and passions lie. We must give students opportunities in every realm to discover their passions. 

By deploying automated cameras, you are taking the experience away from a student who might discover their love for camera operating. 

For some students, all it takes is one experience with commentating or a camera operating for a live stream, and they are hooked. Read more about Bridger Kroos and his journey into broadcasting games for Kenesaw.

Build Connections 

The realm of digital media jobs is growing fast with high demand in many different career paths. 

Students are developing skills by being involved with live streaming, which is highly sought after by many companies. Learning these skills in high school gives students a leg up on the competition. 

Like Nathan Ladehoff, who was involved in their school’s live streaming and now has a full-time job doing what he loves without a degree, click here to learn more about his story and career pathway. 

Striv TV provides all you need in a streaming platform with the training, resources, and support to produce a high-quality broadcast that helps schools connect with their community and fans while empowering students.

Click here to learn more about how to get started streaming today.

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