live streaming myths

3 Myths of Live Streaming High School Events

By Taylor Siebert on June 12, 2014

live streaming myths

1. Normal attenders won’t show up

Not only will attendees show up for the event with or without a live stream available, your high school will have fans consisting of alumni, grandparents unable to attend, family across the country and more supporting your high school events, when they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.  Listen; parents, students, fans from the community, anyone able to attend the event that wants to be a part of it will still attend in person.  When faced with the option of watching a high school event in person as opposed to live stream, a person will come attend live if it works…watching an event live is always better than streamed, however, if live is not an option to attend, streaming is a great option to have.

2. Our High School does not have the manpower to run a live stream

Quite the opposite is true actually.  There are schools that set up their stream through the student manager of the team playing.  This allows to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ so to speak.  The manager is filming the game for the coach/team already and in the meantime, with a minimal amount of training, they can start a stream and allow for fans unable to attend to have the opportunity to watch.  Same is true for any concert, play production, etc.  A stream can be set up in minutes, started with a push of a button and not touched again until after the event concludes.  On the other hand, if you have a class or group of students who want to put in the time and effort, you have the capability to have quite a nice stream with commentary, video, commercials and much more.  It can be as little or as grand as the students wish, all allowing for patrons to watch!

3. Our High School will lose revenue from ticket sales

A representative of the Nebraska High School Coaches Association recently addressed this issue and disproved the idea that high schools lose gate sales at sporting events.  Granted, live streaming is a great avenue to view games, events, etc of the high school you attend, have attended, know of someone who attends or maybe none of thee above, but just interested in watching the game, it does not keep the ‘crowd’ from coming.  In actuality, an available live stream has actually presented proof that people that may have no affiliation with the high school itself will get on to watch a stream from miles, states and even countries away.  This attracts interest that never would have been possible.  Think about it, as live streaming high school events grows in popularity, you have to start regarding it as a TV-like situation.  When people at home browse their TV for what to watch at night, streaming is coming into play as an option.  If something on your TV guide catches your eye, you tune in.  Live streaming will soon be very similar, people will browse available streams of games, plays, concerts, etc and if it catches their eye, they will tune in.  This is regardless of any affiliation with the high school or not.

High school live streaming opportunities keep growing and expanding. Let your high school grow along with it. Feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts you may have.  We want to see your school tell it’s story.

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