5 People Who Benefit the Most from Live Streaming

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Benefit Who? Benefit You!

1. Family

Everyone wants to know what their family is up to.  Live Streaming is a way for families across the world to watch what is going on with other family members in the comfort of their own home.  With live streaming, family members do NOT have to wait for pictures to come in the mail of their niece playing basketball.  They do NOT have to wait for uncle Joe to pull out the home video of your nephew playing in the band (which by the way makes you sea sick because uncle Joe isn’t the most steady of hands).  With live streaming, families now can watch events Live!  It’s like they are right there. Get ready for some fun family reunions now; grandma knows about your technical foul!!

2. Fans

Yes, it is true.  Sometimes, when you want to make an event so bad, you just are not able to work it out.  Your car is out of gas, you have to watch the kids, the event is in a different state; bummer.  Well, have no fear, live streaming is here.  Fans of any event; whether it be a high school sport, college sport, racing, concert, you name it, it can be live streamed.  You can now be right there as a spectator with the click of a mouse. But watch out, now that you can be any place to watch the event, your computer may just need an upgrade; to a 27” screen lets say!?!

3. Alumni

The older you get; the better you were.  Well, with live streaming, alumni can stay connected with their al mamator and the events happening.  With live streaming, alumni get to see the high school, reminisce and maybe even have the desire to come back to town more often to catch up on the good ole days.  Live streaming is also a great tool for schools to use with their alumni as an attractive feature to persuade them to move their family back to town; because after all, this is still ‘your town’.  Or, for you alumni; want to share a piece of your past with your spouse?  Well, now you can; and you can tell them anything you want, because although you are watching your high school event live, no one is watching you live; so go ahead; talk yourself up! 🙂

4. Coaches

What better way to teach your athletes how to get better than to re-watch them.  I know this can be done by videotaping games, but really; how convenient is it to be able to sit down at your computer and re-watch any game you want with one click.  No videos to pop in the VCR (yes, I said VCR; I think they still exist), no more rewind, oh no, missed it…fast forward…oh no, too far….rewind…etc.  Coaches can sit down, review everything they need to see to make their team the best they can be, close the computer and get to practicing.  Hey, you can even haul that laptop into the practice gym for a quick review on what you wanted to work on….now how cool is that!?!


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