5 Things to Do Before Streaming Winter Sports

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As the winter sports season rapidly approaches, it is important to make sure you and your students are prepared. That is why we have come up with 5 things to do before live streaming winter sports this season to make it successful.

The 5 Things YOU Need to do Before Broadcasting Winter Sports

  • 1) Make Sure to Schedule All Sporting Events

Scheduling all of the events that you will be live streaming throughout the winter season not only makes it easier for the Striv team but makes it easier on your fans by:

  • Events show up on our events page so viewers know when you are streaming
  • Events show as scheduled in our Roku, FireTV, Android, and iOS apps
  • It allows our support team to know when a school is streaming so we can actively support you
  • It preloads your opponent and activity into the Striv Scoreboard so you can set it up faster

  • 2) Challenge Striv Students to complete the Striv Sports Broadcast Certification Course

Play-by-play enhances any broadcast immediately and opens the door to new students doing new things, which is why we do what we do.

If you want to learn more about the Striv Sports Broadcast Certification Course, click here. We encourage all of our Striv students interested in announcing to complete this course.

  • 3) Set Time Aside for Equipment Cleaning/Inventory Day

“Take care of your equipment and your equipment will take care of you.” This is true when talking about all of the equipment that is needed to live stream.

It is important that throughout the year Striv teachers are setting time aside often to check cords and wires, clean equipment, and ensure everything is working as needed. 

Making sure all of your equipment is clean and softwares like Wirecast are up to date is integral to the success of your live stream. And if you need to purchase any new equipment head on over to Striv AV!

  • 4) Find Different Ways to Attract New Students to Striv Team

A great way to do this and one that we have found effective is to host a pizza party for your Striv team. Even though this sounds like something small, sometimes all students need to try something new is a little incentive.  

Make sure to target students who just finished football or volleyball who aren’t playing this winter. Seek out the acting students who no longer are competing in One Act, too!

  • 5) Review the BAD and Ensure to Have Assets Updated for Advertising Partners

Be sure to look over the Broadcast Advertising Dashboard and ask yourself, does my channel page need updated advertisers? Or, do I have corner graphics and voice-over scripts ready?

Looking over your BAD and ensuring everything is up to date is the perfect recipe for a seamless live-streaming experience. This will also keep your sponsors coming back year after year!

These are the five things that all Striv teachers need to know for the winter sports season this year. As always, here at Striv, it is our mission to help students and teachers through digital media education. 

Click here to connect and get started streaming on Striv TV today!

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