A Weekend of Firsts

By Taylor Siebert on June 6, 2012

This past weekend we had the great opportunity to do what we love. Help organizations and people broadcast their events live online.

On Saturday we live streamed our first wedding at Bethesda Mennonite Church in Henderson, Nebraska.  Justine & Kyle contacted us last fall about live streaming their wedding as they had several friends that were going to be overseas and unable to attend the wedding but still wanted to be apart of it. So they asked us to see if we could help out and we were glad to assist in providing that service.

The ceremony was quite special and included fantastic music throughout. We would like to thank Justine & Kyle for giving us the opportunity to live stream their wedding on Striv.tv. We wish you best of luck and congrats on your marriage!

Next up, we had our first worship service on Sunday. We had the great fortune of live streaming Faith Evangelical Bible Church’s Sunday Worship service for the first time. They were thrilled to have us help them broadcast their service to people beyond the church walls to missionaries, friends and family from across the world. We are looking forward to many more worship services to be broadcast on Striv.tv for FEBC.

If you have a wedding or church interested in live streaming their service online please contact Taylor at taylor@striv.tv and he would love to help you share your event world-wide on Striv.tv!

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