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Just as important as it is to have incredible video quality in your live stream, it is equally important that you are producing excellent audio. But how do you get the best broadcast audio?

This latest installment of “The Tech and Teaching Podcast” is all about the WHAT, HOW, and WHY of all things audio for your live stream. 

Eric Allgood and (a very caffeinated) Jordan Hiebner tell you everything you need to know about how to achieve the best audio for your broadcast!

WHAT Equipment You Need to Have the Best Audio

When looking at the audio side of the broadcast, to be successful you need two things, a headset and a soundboard. The headset that we recommend to schools’ is the Audio-Technica BPHS1

Jordan describes this headset as “For the price point, it is the cheapest all-in-one headset microphone that you can buy.” 

One of the biggest mistakes that we see schools make with headsets is using gaming headsets. Gaming headsets or USB headsets do not produce good audio quality.

Eric sums up why you should not use gaming headsets in your broadcast in very simple terms. “USB headsets have their purpose, which is gaming. We are not gaming, we are broadcasting games. Please don’t use them.”

When you find a good quality headset, you know you need to find a soundboard that will work within your broadcasting setup. The soundboard that we have tested and recommend to schools is the Mackie ProFX6v3

This soundboard is a great starter board for schools that incorporate two announcers in their broadcasts. It has everything that you need to have incredible audio without being too complex.

Obviously, there are newer and more expansive options that you can go with for your headset and soundboard. But the two listed above are great options for schools that are new to broadcasting.

Listen to the Latest Episode of “The Tech and Teaching Podcast”

If you want to listen to the boys go in-depth about soundboards and everything you need to know to use them effectively, make sure to listen to the full episode down below!

Eric and Jordan also discuss the following topics that will be sure to up the audio quality in your broadcast!

  • Headset placement
  • Using your “announcer voice”
  • Additional equipment to improve audio
  • GAFF tape

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