Former Striv Student takes Acquired Skills to the Next Stage

By Alyssa Bartek on July 17, 2014

MeMichael Forsman was known for his aptitude in technology, so when his school, Aurora Public Schools, partnered with, Forsman saw a significant opportunity to broaden his technological expertise.

Through Striv, Aurora began streaming their school events online. Since Forsman was there from the beginning, he was able to witness their improvement as they live streamed throughout the year. “We streamed football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, musical concerts, and even a robotics tournament,” commented Forsman.

Helping run the live stream not only gave Forsman a new skill set in streaming software and equipment, it also gave Aurora supporters a unique opportunity to keep up with the school. “It lets relatives and other fans watch their favorite events from wherever they are. I had people come talk to me before and after games telling me that they had relatives watching the games in other states and even as far away as New Zealand. I also had relatives tell me how they appreciated not having to miss a game when they were going to be out of town,” said Forsman.

After graduating from Aurora in 2013, Forsman continued on to Central Community College in Hastings for Information Technology. After he completes his degree there, he is planning to transfer to Hastings College. To keep sharpening his skills in the technology industry, he is interning this summer at Nemetric, a software consulting startup in Aurora. He also is pursuing a great ambition as he explained, “I am using my experience and knowledge of startups that I have gained from both Taylor (Striv CEO) and my current boss Jeremy Heeg to work on starting my own company, Faultr, which aims to improve the computer repair industry.”

While Forsman’s technological interests aren’t directly in video and live streaming, there were multiple benefits to helping run his school’s Striv stream. Forsman expanded, “While working with Striv, I learned not only about stream technologies, but I also gained valuable experience about handling issues when things don’t work perfectly, working with users to help them understand how a service works, and other valuable business knowledge.” Now Michael will take these acquired skills to aid him as he continues in his education and builds his own technology company.

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