From Statistics to Streaming: How Scott Parson Transformed Arlington’s Digital Media Program

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How do you nurture a successful digital media education program? Scott Parson has done the Math.

Scott Parson has been an educator for the past 22 years. He started out teaching Math but began to incorporate different digital media classes eight years ago. 

Five years ago, Scott was first introduced to Striv and transformed the Arlington digital media program.

The Inspiration to Educate

Every educator has a reason as to why they have chosen to teach. Scott feels like he was always meant to be an educator. 

“It’s in my blood, my dad is a retired math teacher so that is definitely a reason. I think there’s something about serving and helping others that has always been kind of in my nature.” 

However, it wasn’t until high school that Scott was solidified in the idea that he was going to be an educator one day.

“One of my teachers had cancer so a long-term sub came in. Math wasn’t really his forte which led me to spend my time walking around in the classroom helping all my classmates with their work. It kind of solidified my idea that education was a place for me.”

The pandemic made it hard to navigate safe attendance at high school sporting events. Scott was glad that he could stream games and events with the help of Striv.

“We did more than 70 events during the covid year. Striv gave us another opportunity to kind of connect to parents and grandparents which led to more support for our students.”

Over the past five years, the Arlington digital media program has had great student engagement due to Scott’s dedication.

Why Striv was the Right Choice for Arlington

A solid foundation is crucial to the success of any team. Scott knew that he needed to start small. He knew that it slow growth to build the Arlington digital media and Striv program right. 

What started with one camera and a tripod has grown to a multiple-camera setup with many different components.

“Our growth equipment-wise has been kind of exponential, because we started finding more uses and more abilities. Striv helped us get more stuff, which has been really nice.”

Equipment isn’t the only thing that has grown over the past five years at Arlington. Striv has provided students with opportunities and new skills that have led to them achieving their goals.

Scott described the impact that the Arlington digital media program has had on his school and students with one word.

“Gigantic. It’s given most of our kids a chance to be part of something that is recognized in the community. In some cases, just as much as our athletic programs.”

With the impact Scott has witnessed Striv have on students at his school, it is no surprise that he wants to encourage students at every #strivschool to get involved. 

“You never really know if you like it till you try it, so just give it a shot. I know that students don’t understand all the benefits they can get from this, the communication skills you can gain is off the charts.”

Thanks to educators like Scott, students can have an environment to flourish in digital media education. Every school could benefit from giving their students access to Striv and live streaming.

Striv TV provides all you need in a streaming platform with the training, resources, and support to produce a high-quality broadcast. Connect with us and start streaming on Striv TV today!

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