How One Striv Student Unraveled his Purpose through Digital Media Education

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When Mason Hinrichs was asked to help record volleyball games in 5th grade he had no idea where it would lead him and the purpose and value he would find being a Striv student.

Flash forward to now, he is a junior at Sandy Creek High School and is the head producer for his Striv team. 

Mason is a shining example of how Striv empowers students through real-world experiences to discover a student’s unique purpose and value.

What Does Striv Give to Students?

Mason, who loves all things tech, was initially intrigued by Striv due to the exposure to cameras and broadcasting equipment. But throughout the years he has discovered something new that he enjoys more.

“It feels good as the camera guy when you turn around to a student section and they all start screaming and cheering. I think that one of the best moments is just seeing other people happy. Being able to capture that is just amazing!”

Students at our #strivschools learn and grow through digital media education. Mason says these opportunities have prepared him for his future career.

“Some of the biggest experiences that Striv has given me came from state events. Getting to learn what it’s like to be in a professional production is a great and valuable thing for people who are trying to grow in that field.”

Students develop skills that are transferable to any career through these experiences.

“I’ve developed a lot of listening and communication skills while being involved with Striv. When you’re broadcasting, anything could happen, you could have an internet issue, computer issue, etc. You need to know how to solve it quickly and effectively and be able to communicate.”

How Striv Changed Mason’s Life

When schools just check the box and press play for live streaming, they are missing an incredible opportunity to empower, equip, and engage their students.

This also takes away the opportunity for students, like Mason, to discover their passions.

“There are some people who believe students shouldn’t be streaming, but it’s the experience of getting to do it through your own school that makes it so special. I think it’s a great program because it’s students doing the work. All the while becoming professionals and starting to learn more in the field as a high schooler.”

Striv has changed Mason’s life by finding his unique purpose. That is why he encourages everyone with an interest in broadcasting to give it a shot.

“I definitely think that students should try it if they want to become a broadcaster because it has completely changed my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do but being able to be in Striv, being able to be on this team, it just changes you once you get involved.”

This is what it is all about. Being able to give students the opportunity to discover their passions and grow through education-based streaming.

Striv TV provides all you need in a streaming platform with the training, resources, and support to produce a high-quality broadcast. Click here and help your school connect with their community and fans while empowering students.

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