How Striv Empowered Leyton Oberle to Lead Students

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Being just a sophomore at York High School, you wouldn’t expect Leyton Oberle to be the student leader of his Striv team. But since joining Striv in middle school, he has been empowered to lead his peers and team to provide the best live stream possible.

How the Path to Leadership Began

Going into middle school Leyton was unsure of what activities he wanted to pursue. He eventually decided on becoming a student manager for the basketball teams at his school.

Being a student manager got the attention of York’s Striv advisor, Levi Loofe. Later into Leyton’s 6th-grade year, he helped announce girl’s basketball through Striv.  

“I was asked to help out with Striv and I knew that I liked the production side of things in athletics. So I decided to help out and I realized that it was something that I really enjoyed.”

Leyton got involved with Striv in middle school. And it is no surprise that he decided to keep pursuing it when he made the transition to high school. 

Having multiple years of experience streaming games and in-depth knowledge of live streaming, Leyton stepped into a leadership role on his Striv team. A position that he very much enjoys.

“My favorite part about being involved with Striv is leading other students and helping them learn all the different aspects of live streaming. Whenever anyone has a question about something I am able to answer them.”

How Striv Prepares Students for the Future

Over the past four years, Leyton has developed skills and gained experiences that he wouldn’t have had if not for Striv.

“It’s given me the opportunity to work with production equipment and has taught me how to collaborate with students from my school and other schools. Striv is the only thing that you can join that gets you these experiences and skills.”

It is our goal to empower students through experiences, experiences that will help them in whatever career field they choose. Leyton is developing real-life skills that will help him in his future career. 

“My favorite experiences at Striv are from state and district tournaments. I love enhancing the experience for the viewer as well as improving the quality of the stream. So tournaments are always great opportunities to increase my skills.”

For students who are unsure if Striv is right for them, Leyton knows it is the right choice.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for students because this is kind of the world we’re developing into. More jobs in media production, graphic design and other media fields are going to open up. Striv gives you a great opportunity to collaborate and just do something you’ve never done before.”

Giving students opportunities in digital media education and through live streaming in high school leads to students, like Leyton, discovering their passions.

These students are at every high school waiting for opportunities to learn and grow in digital media education. Give it to them.

Join our community and transform your live stream by empowering your students through Striv!

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