Integrating Education with Automated Camera Streaming

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When we started our company over ten years ago, we knew that streaming needed to be educational if we wanted to work with schools.

We have helped schools produce over 1,000 events, and we know the impact of having students involved in your school’s live stream through stories like Nathan Ladehoff’s.

But many schools are just checking the box with an automated stream. Schools are missing a tremendous learning opportunity for students to be empowered through digital media learning. Why not do both?

Schools can integrate an automated camera system into their digital media class or live stream and still empower students.

Automated Camera → High-Quality Broadcast

Choosing to go with an automated camera system solves a significant problem that many schools have: trying to find a camera person to film games. However, solving this issue often means forgetting the other aspects of what makes a great live stream for your school. 

What is your vision for your live stream as a school? Is there an educational focus? Even though you’re “simplifying” the live streaming process by adding an automated camera, you’re losing out on providing students learning and career opportunities in the broadcast and digital media fields.

We understand that some schools are simply trying to get the game online for grandma. But due to over-the-top streaming services, fans expect a high-quality experience. Why not give it to them?

Schools can still produce a high-quality broadcast with an automated camera. Most automated camera systems integrate right into third-party software (i.e., Wirecast, which each Striv School receives at no cost), allowing for more flexibility to make your live stream more engaging. 

Pulling your automated camera into third-party software like Wirecast allows you to add announcers, commercials, graphics, custom scoreboards, and total control over what fans see at home.

By sending your stream directly to a platform from the camera, you lose all control and any way to monetize your stream and miss out on several ways to engage students.

Students Belong in the Broadcast Booth

Whether a school has one automated camera or an operated one, there are essential roles beyond the camera. These roles can still engage students within your production: 

  • Producer – This is very important. Find a student who loves technology and cares about the stream experience for fans at home. Control graphics, hype videos, and commercials that play during breaks, plus run the Striv custom scoreboard app.
  • Broadcast Announcer – This role is the most fun! Announcing games is fun but also a lot of work for students. That’s why we have built a Striv Sports Broadcasting certification for teachers to use for their students to get high-level training before they put the headset on.
  • Video and Graphic Producer – This role doesn’t have to be at the game. These students can create promo graphics, commercials, coaches’ interviews, and so much more in their digital media class. If you are looking for a digital media curriculum and roadmap, we have it. Learn more about Striv Education and help establish a digital media foundation for your students.
  • Director – A good director can integrate your automated camera with other operated cameras for a better viewing experience! Use the automated camera to catch all the action, while students can use the operated camera to capture reaction shots and close-ups!

Live streaming is more than just pressing play—it’s an opportunity for students to produce an engaging broadcast while providing real-world experience and digital media skills that are transferable far beyond high school.

An Educational Focus

What are your school’s goals and vision for your live streaming? Is it educational? Do you have a class attached to your streaming? Do you want to monetize your stream?

Using an education-based approach with an automated camera helps schools provide students with learning opportunities and career readiness in the broadcast and digital media industries.

Employment in media and communications is projected to grow 14-29% over the next ten years. Don’t miss out on preparing students with the skills needed to become good digital citizens and content creators by integrating education with automated streaming.

Give your teachers the confidence to deliver digital media education by accessing the tools to engage and empower students.

Striv TV provides all you need in a streaming platform with the training, resources, and support to produce a high-quality broadcast that helps schools connect with their community and fans while empowering students. Click here to learn more about how you can get started streaming today.

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