Introducing the Broadcast Advertising Dashboard

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Here at Striv, we want to give schools every tool necessary to have a successful live streaming experience. That is why we have created the Broadcast Advertising Dashboard, the BAD.

Is your school or broadcasting program experiencing answering YES to any of these questions:

  • Does your school not know where to start with an advertising plan for your live stream? 
  • Is accounting for your current advertisers clunky, with reports going to 2 or 3 different departments?
  • Does your school uses advertisers, but implementing them consistently on the broadcasts is cumbersome and difficult to communicate, especially when different students do different jobs from game to game?
  • Do you struggle with organizing analytics to report to your current and prospective ad partners?

Then the BAD sheet is the right sheet for you!

What is the Broadcast Advertising Dashboard and how can I use it?

The Broadcast Advertising Dashboard is a free tool that helps give schools the framework to start and grow their advertising programs. 

This is a tool that will help any school, big or small, to simplify the advertisement aspect of your Striv team.

The BAD can be set up and used in three easy steps:

  1. Create your advertisement packages to make them available for your prospective partners. 
  1. Utilize the printable run sheet to make it simple for your producers to track the number of times an ad is played or mentioned during a broadcast.
  1. Track your custom metrics to create powerful reporting tools to show your existing or potential clients. 

If your school isn’t utilizing real dollars with ad partners on your live streams, you are leaving money on the table.

Creating advertising plans, selling to clients, creating graphics and including reports is an incredible way to tap into resources within your community. As well as giving students real- world experiences at every step of the way!

Download the Broadcast Advertising Dashboard today and get your school’s advertising plan in action!

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