Social Media Spotlight: Aurora Public Schools

By Alyssa Bartek on June 24, 2014

Aurora Public Schools

Class B – Central Conference

Social Media Profiles:

Twitter: @AuroraHuskies
418 followers – 757 tweets
School Hashtag – #aurorahuskies

77 followers – 46 posts


Platforms used: Aurora Public Schools is currently using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Most Effective: Facebook would be the most popular as most of our parents are comfortable with that platform. Twitter is gaining in popularity and our school’s hashtag (#aurorahuskies) is being used more and more by parents, teachers, and students.

How did you decide on the platforms used? Discussion with administrative team on how to best reach our patrons.

Who manages the accounts? Mr. Kittle manages the Facebook, while we have several people that have access to the district Twitter account. We are even started a new event this year on Twitter called “Aurora High School Student Perspective.” We pick a high school student each Friday and they tweet from the school district Twitter account sharing their perspective throughout their day. It’s gone really well and we are looking forward to continuing it next year.

Advice to schools interested in using social media to share their story: You need to tell YOUR story. If you don’t someone else will. Social Media isn’t going to go away, so start utilizing it within your school district.

Questions answered by Tech Integration Specialist Craig Badura

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