Social Media Spotlight: Cozad Community Schools

By Alyssa Bartek on July 9, 2014

Cozad Community Schools

Class B – Southwest Conference

Social Media Profiles:

Twitter @CozadSchools
217 followers – 1,316 tweets
School Hashtag – #cozadMakers



Most effective platforms used: For our patrons and parents, I would say that our website and Facebook are the most effective. With our students, I would say Twitter. We created a hashtag (#cozadMakers) and throughout the year we had more students sharing with that hashtag. We also have had great response to using Twitter for basketball and track. Our basketball coach has begun posting summer info on Twitter and during the track season our track coach had the student manager tweeting results and pictures. By sharing this on Facebook too, he gained a lot of followers of patrons on Twitter. Our district has a district Facebook and Twitter. All of our elementary grade levels also have a Facebook Page (ex: Grade 1, Grade 2).

Why is that platform the most effective? Vine and Instagram have not been as effective as Facebook and Twitter because we haven’t been as consistent in posting to these two platforms.

How did you decide on the platforms used? We started with Facebook and then realized that our students were using Twitter more. You have to see and use the platform(s) your audience is using.

Who manages the accounts?  Our Tech Integration Coordinator manages the district web site and social media. However, our principals and Activities Director also can post to these. The classroom teachers manage their own classroom social media sites. We also have a couple of students who have rights to post to our district Facebook and Twitter. These students are vital in the success of our social media communication. They keep the streams and posts fresh. One person cannot be at all things. By using a school hashtag, it has enabled all students to contribute to our Twitter Feed. We also use a large display (large TV) in our commons all day streaming the tweets. This also keeps students informed and using our hashtag.

Here is an article that was published in the Lexington Paper about our social media (communication) department:

Questions answered by Patty Wolfe

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