Social Media Spotlight: York Dukes

Social Media Spotlight: York Public Schools

By Taylor Siebert on June 16, 2014

Social Media Spotlight: York Dukes

York Public Schools

Class B – Central Conference

Social Media Profiles:

Twitter @YorkDukePower
1,196 followers – 6,141 tweets
School Hashtag – #yorkdukes



Platforms Used: Mainly Twitter, some Facebook, and are getting into other outlets such as Instagram, Vine, Flickr, etc.

Most Effective: Twitter and Facebook as that is where our audience is at.

Why has Twitter been successful for your district? We have spent time educating staff, and community members how to use Twitter. We also advertise the heck out of “here is where our message is at, “COME JOIN US” .”

How did you decide which platform to use? I guess we just picked one and took a leap and ran with it. We were able to see a vision.

Who manages the accounts? We have separate accounts for the school. Twitter account is managed by Dr. Lucas, Facebook by his secretary.

What advice would you share with schools looking to get into using social media to share their story: Jump on board, put out the fires as they arise, and promote it to death. It has to be active, VERY active! Share everything you would share anywhere else.

Questions answered by York Public Schools, Technology Manager, Chris Ericson.

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