Striv Drive: Sioux County Schools

By Jessica Siebert on April 6, 2016

Follow us to the panhandle as we team up with the Warriors

Striv is excited to welcome Sioux County Schools as its newest addition! Sioux County is a very unique addition to Striv. If you aren’t sure where it is located, you can find the town in the most northwest corner of the panhandle. Once you spot Harrison, Nebraska, you have found where Sioux County Schools is located; exactly 409 miles from the Striv office and exactly 567 miles (or almost 9 driving hours) away from another Striv school on the opposite end of the state, Falls City Public School.

Although the distance was great, the experience Taylor had last Friday, as he traveled there, was greater. Heading about 65 miles north of Scottsbluff, he hit Harrison and met with the district’s Tech Coordinator, Paul Windsor. In his 29th year of teaching, Windsor makes up for what Sioux County may lack in numbers with a large amount of experience, passion and ideas.

Backed by the innovative and supportive administration, Windsor is taking on Striv and excited to bring the education and live streaming to the students, school and Sioux County community.

Windsor contacted Striv in January of this year. He strives to seize the available tools and apply them to life. Windsor is proud of the district he teaches in and its commitment to providing both teachers and students the best there is in technology. Striv is so humbled to have the opportunity to work with, grow with and help share the Sioux County School’s story!




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