Striv & Midland University: Empowering Students in the Digital Media World

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Striv and Midland University are committed to empowering students in the digital media world. We want to give students every opportunity to be successful through digital media education.

Striv’s vision is to see education transformed by student-driven learning through the influence of digital media. We believe our relationships will demonstrate a commitment to schools through our Core Values of serving, empowering, collaborating, and educating.

Midland University sees the creative, skilled, and committed students at #strivschools as fitting for Midland’s quality, programs, and culture, and an investment in the future of Nebraska.

Here’s how Midland University continues to serve our #strivschools:

Midland + Striv Scholarship

Midland University, in partnership with Striv, is offering 25 Striv Scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year. Each of the 25 scholarships will be a $23,000 renewable scholarship to Midland University for a total value of $92,000 per scholarship. 

 Here’s how students can be considered:

  1. Participate in Striv and live streaming
  2. Attend Striv events and activities like:
    • Conferences 
    • Workshops
    • Media Days
    • State Productions

Students can learn more and apply here!

Striv Game Day Operations Course through MU

New this school year, Midland University and Striv developed a new way to empower, engage, and serve students: Striv Game Day Operations Course. This course allows students to earn 3 college credits from Midland University for the work they are doing with Striv. 

Midland University and Striv are invested in students’ futures. Together, we are dedicated to providing students the skills, experience, and now credit towards a college degree.

Here are Striv Game Day Operations learning outcomes:

  1. Understand basic rules and practices for on-field game play
  2. Identify the role of business in sports operations
  3. Communicate effectively with fans in-person and through technology
  4. Produce a game day operations improvement plan

Though enrollment has passed for this fall semester, we are looking forward to more students being a part of this in the Spring 2023 semester: students can register here!

Hosting Workshops and Conferences

For years, teacher and students have been able to come together in Fremont to share digital media education ideas, stories, and experiences. Midland has hosted hundreds of teachers and students to collaborate for summer teacher workshops and fall conferences!

Whether it was opening their incredible facilities, giving away fun swag, or serving delicious meals—Midland University has gone above and beyond by hosting our Striv community.

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