Striv Schools Recognized in 2013-14 U.S. Cellular® Cup Standings

By Alyssa Bartek on June 20, 2014

The Nebraska School Activities Association is pleased to announce the final standings for The U.S. Cellular® Cup, the NSAA All-Activities Award for Nebraska high schools. The annual awards program, which began in 2007 to recognize the state’s most successful high school athletic and fine arts programs, is presented to the 12 Nebraska high schools which earn the most points during the school year by participating in NSAA education-based activity programs. This all-activities (fine arts and sports), all-school recognition platform recognizes the “Best of the Best” each year in NSAA programs and parallels the service objectives of the program’s sponsor.

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The U.S. Cellular Cup is presented to the winning schools in the four classes of the All-School Division, Girls Division and Boys Division during special ceremonies the following fall.

U.S. Cellular® Cup Details & Point System
Each year the NSAA and U.S. Cellular recognize the most successful activities programs in the state with the U.S. Cellular Cup. U.S. Cellular Cup winners are determined by a point system based on participation in NSAA education-based activities and performance in state championship events within each division and class. Music, which does not have a state-level event, earns points based on participation at the district music contest.

The boys and girls competition in each class features schools earning participation and performance points from their respective activities. In the case of coed schools, the fine arts activity performance points are divided equally among a school’s boys and girls U.S. Cellular Cup totals. In the all-school division, schools receive participation points for each of its NSAA registered programs, and earn additional points for placing in NSAA championship events.

2013-2014 U.S. Cellular® Cup Final Standings (Asterisk denotes Striv School)



Class A School/Cup Points
Lincoln Southwest: 655
Millard West: 612.5
Papillion-La Vista: 535
Millard North: 497.5
Grand Island: 482.5
Omaha Westside: 482.5
Lincoln East: 432.5
Millard South: 422.5
Creighton Preparatory School: 410
Lincoln Southeast: 410

Class B School/Cup Points 
Omaha Skutt Catholic: 715
Lincoln Pius X: 567.5
Elkhorn South: 542.5
Gretna: 505
*York: 432.5
Scottsbluff: 420
*Northwest: 405
Beatrice: 360
*McCook: 310
Elkhorn: 297.5

Class C School/Cup Points
Columbus Scotus: 430
Kearney Catholic: 352.5
Grand Island Central Catholic: 342.5
Crofton: 337.5
*David City: 300
*Cozad: 297.5
*Thayer Central: 275
Hastings St. Cecilia: 267.5
Minden: 265
O’Neill: 257.5
Wayne: 257.5

Class D School/Cup Points
St. Mary’s: 315
Falls City Sacred Heart: 257.5
Hartington: 240
Stuart: 240
*Bruning-Davenport: 237.5
Humphrey St. Francis: 227.5
Bancroft-Rosalie: 220
Amherst: 217.5
Lourdes Central Catholic: 215
Wausa: 200



Class A School/ Cup Points
Lincoln Southwest: 378.75
Omaha Marian: 370
Millard West: 313.75
Millard North: 285
Papillion-La Vista: 278.75
Lincoln East: 240
Lincoln Southeast: 218.75
Grand Island: 200
Omaha Westside: 200
Kearney: 188.75

Class B School/Cup Points
Lincoln Pius X: 312.5
Elkhorn South: 307.5
Omaha Skutt Catholic: 297.5
Gretna: 252.5
*Northwest: 247.5
*York: 246.25
Norris: 190
Holdrege: 177.5
*McCook: 157.5
Beatrice: 150

Class C School/Cup Points
Columbus Scotus: 237.5
Crofton: 235
Kearney Catholic: 230
Minden: 210
Wayne: 177.5
Grand Island Central Catholic: 175
Friend: 170
Guardian Angels Central Catholic: 170
Hastings St. Cecilia: 160
Gothenburg: 157.5

Class D School/ Cup Points 
St. Mary’s: 227.5
*Bruning-Davenport: 171.25
Stuart: 141.25
Humphrey St. Francis: 137.5
*Shickley: 125
Sterling: 125
Giltner: 110
Lindsay Holy Family: 107.5
Bertrand: 100
Falls City Sacred Heart: 97.5
Humphrey: 97.5



Class A School/Cup Points 
Creighton Preparatory School: 410
Millard West: 318.75
Omaha Westside: 307.5
Grand Island: 302.5
Lincoln Southwest: 296.25
Papillion-La Vista: 276.25
Millard South: 266.25
Kearney: 243.75
Millard North: 232.5
Lincoln East: 217.5

Class B School/Cup Points
Omaha Skutt Catholic: 432.5
Scottsbluff: 297.5
Lincoln Pius X: 275
Elkhorn South: 260
Beatrice: 225
Gretna: 212.5
Elkhorn: 208.75
*York: 201.25
*Northwest: 177.5
*McCook: 172.5

Class C School/Cup Points 
*Cozad: 237.5
*David City: 235
Columbus Scotus: 212.5
*Thayer Central: 195
O’Neill: 170
Ainsworth: 165
Bishop Neumann: 157.5
Grand Island Central Catholic: 157.5
Battle Creek: 150
Randolph: 147.5

Class D School/Cup Points 
Amherst: 187.5
Falls City Sacred Heart: 175
Overton: 172.5
Hartington: 167.5
Sargent: 167.5
Loup County: 157.5
Bancroft-Rosalie: 153.75
Lourdes Central Catholic: 143.75
Newman Grove: 135
*Exeter-Milligan: 117.5
Winside: 117.5

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