Striv Your Story: Brandon Mowinkel

By Taylor Siebert on June 20, 2016

Our ‘Striv Your Story’ series highlights another fantastic Nebraska high school with the Milford Eagles. We sat down and talked with Senior High Principal, Brandon Mowinkel about how the Eagles are soaring to new heights in sharing their story. With all the great things happening inside walls of the school, Mowinkel looks for ways to get the great stuff they do out for the public to see. With incredible student talent, an innovative administration team, proper tools and generous donations, Milford is proving that they have a great story to tell and they are sharing it well.

Mowinkel doesn’t just catch the tip of the iceberg with being relevant in the growing tech world; he dives right in with giving the students as many opportunities as the school can provide. Students get hands on experience with the school’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and learning its ‘voice’, streaming events with Striv, looking into developing a school broadcast, using the school’s drone (now that’s just cool!) and so much more. Watch this video to hear Brandon Striv their story!

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