“The Tech and Teaching Podcast” Episode 3: The WRONG Camera for Your Live Stream

Wrong Camera for Streaming

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The boys are back for another episode to talk about the WRONG camera for your live-streaming setup. 

Eric Allgood and Jordan Hiebner thoroughly discuss three different types of cameras that schools will see when looking to invest. Those four types of cameras are:

  • HandyCam
  • Pro Sumer Camera 
  • Professional Camcorder

Throughout this episode, Eric and Jordan explain the pros and cons of each of these four cameras. If you are looking to upgrade the cameras in your live-streaming setup and don’t know where to start, this is the perfect episode for you!


What Camera is Right for YOUR Broadcast?

There are many different factors to look into when choosing which camera is right for you. Some of those include price, performance, and size. Here’s a breakdown on four different cameras and which may be the WRONG camera for your streaming.


Starting with the HandyCam, it is a great camera for schools that are just getting started with live streaming. Meaning that it has a low price, is smaller than other cameras and is easy to learn and use. 

Jordan sums up the HandyCam best in this episode saying that “You’re not doing anything without a camera, so if you can get it it’s fine but there are better options.”

Getting into one of those better options, the next camera that we will discuss is a ProSumer Camera. 

ProSumer Cameras

A camera in the ProSumer line is a step up from what you would be getting out of a HandyCam. With a ProSumer camera, you will see these benefits:

  • Bigger Sensor
  • Better Processors
  • Greater Control 

One negative that we have noticed through using cameras in the ProSumer line is problems with low light. These problems become evident when you are using a ProSumer camera to film an event on stage where all the light is focused in one place.

Professional Camcorder

The next camera that the boys discuss is a professional camcorder. Which is a step above both the ProSumer Line and a Handycam. Some of the positives that come with a professional camcorder are as follows:

  • Fantastic in low-light situations
  • Menu settings on the outside of the camera
  • Built-in ND filter
  • NDI Outputs on some models
  • Telephoto lens

With all of these incredible features, there is one con that is to be expected, and that is the cost. A professional-level camcorder has a much higher price tag than that of a ProSumer or Handycam. 

Now that you know what the different types of cameras are and the pros and cons for each, you should know which is the WRONG camera for streaming. Eric and Jordan talk about questions that you need to be asking and have answers for when choosing the right camera for your school. Those questions include:

  • Where are you live-streaming?
  • Where are you sending your stream?
  • What types of outputs do you need?
  • What are your audio needs?
  • Who will be using the camera?

If you want to hear an in-depth breakdown of these questions and their answers, as well as what cameras Jordan and Eric recommend, watch here:

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