‘Social Media’ Stories

By Taylor Siebert
June 13, 2016

Striv Your Story: Craig Badura

More stories! Wanting to know even MORE about how the Striv schools are sharing their story online, we are starting out this new video series, calling it: ‘Striv Your Story’. Setting the bar high, our first interviewee is Craig Badura, Tech…

By Alyssa Bartek
July 9, 2014

Social Media Spotlight: Cozad Community Schools

Cozad Community Schools Class B – Southwest Conference Social Media Profiles: Twitter @CozadSchools 217 followers – 1,316 tweets School Hashtag – #cozadMakers Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cozad-Community-Schools/ 1,273 likes Website http://www.cozadschools.org/ Most effective platforms used: For our patrons and parents, I would say that our website…

By Alyssa Bartek
June 24, 2014

Social Media Spotlight: Aurora Public Schools

Aurora Public Schools Class B – Central Conference Social Media Profiles: Twitter: @AuroraHuskies 418 followers – 757 tweets School Hashtag – #aurorahuskies Instagram: http://instagram.com/aurorahuskies 77 followers – 46 posts Website: http://ahs.aurorahuskies.us/ Platforms used: Aurora Public Schools is currently using Twitter, Instagram, and…

Social Media Spotlight: York Dukes
By Taylor Siebert
June 16, 2014

Social Media Spotlight: York Public Schools

York Public Schools Class B – Central Conference Social Media Profiles: Twitter @YorkDukePower 1,196 followers – 6,141 tweets School Hashtag – #yorkdukes Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/York-Public-Schools/339575024323 1,156 likes Website www.yorkpublic.org Platforms Used: Mainly Twitter, some Facebook, and are getting into other outlets such…