Here you can find a variety of tutorials to help you and your school navigate the Striv Streaming Platform. 

Wirecast, Equipment, and Streaming

Educational Resoures


Selling Ads for Your Stream

  1. Graphic
  2. Logo on screen during broadcast
  3. Full video commercial
  1. 4 video ads per event / $150 for the season – (Mullen Jr. High)


  1. $20 per game to be sponsored on their social media post, $10 to sponsor a 3 pointer for the night – (Broken Bow High School) 


  1. $350 for the school year for video advertisements – (Seward High School)

DSLR camera or streaming video camera, microphone, tripod or stabilizer, video editing software 

Broadcasting Overview

Heather CallihanNorthwest High School – Tech Coordinator – Social Media Club

Marcus ScheerJohnson County Central – Tech Coordinator – Great at all things Wirecast and Media 

Shelly & Brandon Mowinkel Milford Public – Striv Club 

Tanner LongMitchell Public Digital Media Class  Tera StutheitJohnson-Brock – Digital Media Class