York Alumnus Stayed Connected through Striv

By Alyssa Bartek on June 26, 2014

MilesPic1After graduating in 2005 from York High School, Miles Berg continued on in his education with his sights set on becoming a dentist. This led him to Wayne State College where he was selected for the Rural Health Opportunities Program and then on to dental school at UNMC in Lincoln. Upon graduating in 2012, Dr. Berg did a one year residency in Oklahoma and then acquired a job in Denver, Colorado.

While he had already ventured quite a distance from York, little did he know he was about to be reconnected with his high school. It was during his time in Colorado when Dr. Berg saw a link shared on Facebook about Striv.tv. He clicked through to check it out and was intrigued to see that York was a Striv School on the website meaning he had the ability to access their streamed events online though his computer or phone. With this available option, Dr. Berg suddenly found himself rejoined to York.

As he tuned into the broadcasts, he recognized the athletes who were playing from when he used to help coach them through the Duke Hoops program. “They were now standout athletes and that was fun to see,” said Dr. Berg. Because of the athletic success at York in recent years, it was also amusing for him to be able to join in the excitement. On his weekends, he often watched the York football and basketball games. His roomates took notice of this service and thought it was a really neat concept. “They wished they had the same ability,” said Dr. Berg.

With each viewed event, he couldn’t help but miss his old town. Maintaining this online connection eventually helped lead him back to York. A job fell into place at the family dentistry practice of Dr. Rosenau, and Dr. Berg jumped at the opportunity. He is enjoying the small community of York and reconnecting with many familiar faces. His job is going great, and he even bought a house to put his roots down in the area.

Since Dr. Berg began watching Striv in the early stages, he has observed developments to the site and the live stream. “I really like the added features like the scoreboard,” said Dr. Berg. He also mentioned how user friendly the whole experience is. “It worked perfectly to maintain a connection while I was out-of-state.” Now that he has returned, Dr. Berg can join the home crowd to cheer on the York Dukes, but for those times he is unable to, he has Striv.

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