Striv Drive: Mitchell, Bayard & Potter-Dix

By Taylor Siebert on August 19, 2016

The Striv Drive found itself in western, Nebraska again last week. Taylor had the opportunity to meet three tremendous schools on their home turf in Potter-Dix, Mitchell and Bayard and could not pass it up.

After a really great workshop in Bridgeport, where a plethora of ideas, knowledge and know how came together to kick off the 2016-2017 school year, the drive made its way to Potter-Dix. The Coyotes are in Class D2 and will have Jeff Einspahr, Technology Coordinator, head up their Striv class and he’s perfect for the job. He teaches Digital Media as well and will bring great things to the Potter-Dix Coyotes to help share their story online!


The next stop was Mitchell, home of the Tigers. Mitchell is a Class C1 school and will have Tanner Long (pictured below) in charge and incorporating Striv into his Broadcasting class; a great combo. Tanner will take the Tigers to great places with Striv and do a great job of sharing their story online.


Finally, the drive got to go meet up with the Class C2 Bayard Tigers. We are excited to watch Stephanie Barker take Striv and run with it in her Broadcasting class (pictured below). It will be great to watch the Bayard Tigers on Striv and watch their story being shared!


It is humbling to meet and work with such fantastic people with the teachers, administration, students and communities of such excellent communities. Welcome to the Striv family Potter-Dix, Bayard and Mitchell. Grateful to have you!

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