Striv Your Story: Mike Lucas

By Taylor Siebert on July 6, 2016

Our Striv Your Story series caught up with Dr. Mike Lucas, Superintendent of the York Public Schools (YPS) and got his great perspective on the schools’ use of social media. YPS has just what the doctor ordered when it comes to a cohesive support staff and team to implement and show the greatness York staff members and students have and display that on social media. ‘Your story is going to be told, whether it’s from you or someone else,’ says Dr. Lucas. He does a phenomenal job of showing us how the students are ‘seeing the power of social media and doing it the right way.’ He also shares about being the ‘Y’ in York and celebrating the great kids and great staff members they have. He tells us he is inspired by his school district.

Watch now to see why we were also inspired by his words and how York is striving to tell their great story online!

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