4 Ways to Recruit Students to your Steam Team

By Alyssa Allmon on December 7, 2020

With basketball season kicking off, a lot of our Striv Schools find themselves with a new crew of students, or not enough students on board with the season change. We all know that once you get your crew launched it’s a  blast to stream events. However, in the beginning stages, it can be hard to get enough students at your events. We are here to help! Here’s 4 ways that you can generate excitement and interest in your stream team!


It probably comes as no surprise to teachers that students are motivated with incentives! A lot of our teachers have found success in treating their students with free concessions, pizza, or some sort of food as a way to enhance the streaming experience! This works exceptionally well if your Striv crew is a club.

2. Make it a Grade

If your Striv crew is part of a class, an easy way to get students at events is to make it part of their grade. Depending on your need, or curriculum, you can require that each student sign up for (x) amount of times to attend an event. This keeps students organized and helps motivate them to attend evening games or weekend tournaments.

3. Resume Builder 

Each student plays an important role in the success of your stream, you need commentators, switch operators, camera operators and more. Each role has different responsibilities. By breaking down these responsibilities and titles students gain real life experience that they can put on job resumes and college applications. A lot of the time, your stream students will already be interested in broadcasting or journalism, and if you can explain to them that this is a great way to get their foot in the door with real world experience, it can really change their perspective!

4.Celebrity in the Community 

One of the hardest roles to fill is commentating. Which comes as no surprise to us. It can be very intimidating to have to announce your team’s sporting event live. However, we have seen countless success stories where once your student’s find their niche, they gain celebrity status in the community. Check out the latest episode of “The Creator’s Life” podcast, for that full story. Eventually, the community comes to really value and respect the students that put on the live stream, even the ones behind the scene. Explain the importance of what your students are doing and let them get behind the mission and vision of your stream team! 

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