Competition and Kindness: Schuyler Community Schools

By Sara Brune on December 3, 2018

“Coaches, administrators, students, and adults, need to be willing to take a stand.”

Competition and Kindness is a story about the challenges Schuyler Community Schools encounters as a diverse school district.

“The Nebraska Coaches Association has a long history of supporting sportsmanship programs. Competition and Kindness is a step further; this is about the human dignity of all. High school athletics can provide a platform for learning others stories rather than fueling division.” Darin Boysen, Nebraska Coaches Association

We’ve all heard so much about the power of storytelling. It gets thrown around a lot. But the real question is Why? Why is storytelling powerful?

“Stories like this one, are exactly why our mission at Striv is to help schools share their story online. We realize the impact stories can have on more than just their community. We are so grateful to Schuyler for being open and sharing their perspective. We hope that others will be inspired to be kind while competing.” Taylor Siebert, Striv Inc

Special Thanks & Funded by:

Nebraska Coaches Association

Nebraska Schools Activities Association

Nebraska State Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

Nebraska Council of School Administrators

Nebraska Department of Education

Nebraska State Association of Secondary School Principals

Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association

Nebraska Association of School Boards


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