From Striv Student to Striv Employee

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While he may be an exception, Joseph Kleier (JC) discovered his career passion while in high school. After helping on the set of a film produced in Valentine, Kleier enjoyed the experience so much that he knew he had found his niche. In fact, he wasn’t about to sit around and wait for another production opportunity; he decided to make it happen right at his high school in Palmer.

After streaming sporting events at Palmer High School through another website, Kleier became intrigued when he observed an opponent at a game live streaming with Striv. He was impressed with their video quality and how they could easily control the scoreboard on their stream. This led him to a meeting with his superintendent to research the Striv company with the desire to bring this impressive technology to their students and school.

Coincidentally, this meeting coincided with information sent to the superintendent about Striv, and the rest was history. Palmer jumped on as a Striv school and was thrilled about the opportunities that abounded with Striv. Kleier was particularly excited about the ability to incorporate commercials into the broadcast allowing him to further his production skills.

As Kleier embarked on live streaming with Striv, he was fascinated with exploring the different technology as he now had an outlet for his passion. He spent his days after school working on creating advertising commercials for businesses, setting up the equipment for the broadcast, and then streaming the sporting and school events. In fact, he was so dedicated that he only remembers missing one event that was live streamed for the school year.

As the go-to tech guy, Kleier found himself immersed in exploring new technology while also attending different Striv events that also allowed him to further his knowledge. This included a summer camp that focused on video production, a workshop to help Striv students create a news show for their school, and a conference highlighting the use of social media.

Kleier began to feel confident in his technological knowledge and started to plan for his future as he looked to graduation. Originally, he was going to head to a school in Florida for filmmaking when his plans took a turn. After conversation between him and Striv CEO Taylor Siebert, a job offer was proposed for Kleier to join the Striv team as the Support and A/V (Audio/Visual) Manager. This excited Kleier to be able to jump right into a job he desired and allowed him stay in Nebraska. He decided to take the job at Striv, a company he had grown to value.

“Striv is an amazing company. The schools benefit so much from it. I am looking forward to creating videos, meeting teachers and students, and building and sharing schools’ stories,” said Kleier. In his role, he will be helping with the night support for schools and producing videos for the company. He feels that his experience of being a Striv student will be very beneficial, already giving him a foot in the door. “Striv gave me knowledge on how to use new media. I learned about video production, our social footprint, and it created another activity option. It is great experience for future jobs,” remarked Kleier.

It will come full circle for JC as he begins work at Striv this summer and will now play an integral part in other students reaping those same benefits.

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