How Superior Built a Flourishing Live Streaming Program

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Even though Logan Christiancy has only been involved with Striv at Superior Public Schools for one year, he has transformed Superior’s live streaming program. 

There are over 20 students involved with Striv at Superior, ranging from high schoolers to even elementary school students. This means he has no problem filling a four to even ten-person crew for every live stream. 

The number one problem that we have heard from our Striv teachers is not getting enough involvement from students year to year. Logan has figured out how to get engagement and involvement from students in every grade level at Superior. 

How Logan Christiancy Built and Maintains a High-Level Striv Team

The Superior Striv Team wasn’t always at the level that it is now. When Logan got involved early last year, it was a very basic setup that most of the time involved just a couple of students and one camera. 

So how exactly has Logan been able to completely transform his Striv team to what it is now? Well, there are multiple answers to that question but there is one big thing that he added that has proven to be incredibly effective.

“One thing that has meant quite a bit to the kids is having Striv gear, like hats and other clothing. It just makes them feel like part of the Striv department here and they get to represent what they are involved in.”

Having Striv gear that your students can wear to represent your school’s Striv team is an incredible way to drive engagement and involvement. Providing a free meal or free food from concession stands is also something that has worked well for Logan.

“The biggest thing that I have found is giving something back to your students. They are donating their time to you and the viewers at home to make the broadcast happen. So giving them free food or Striv apparel is something that works great for us.”

In his time involved with Striv Logan has put a focus on student involvement. He realized quickly that it is all about the students and giving them every opportunity to be engaged and to succeed in digital media education.

“My favorite part about being involved with Striv is just getting to watch the kids take advantage of new opportunities. The key thing to me is supporting them and supporting the opportunities that they can achieve.”

There is one last thing that Logan gives the most credit to in building and maintaining his flourishing Striv team…

New Equipment = New Levels of Engagement

Students want to learn and use the newest live-streaming equipment available. Logan notices a spark in his students when they get new equipment.

“I’ve realized that getting new equipment and new things for the kids to run is something they really appreciate. They get excited about it and suddenly they want to sign up with Striv for the rest of the year.”

Logan has done amazing things with the Striv team at Superior, but he wasn’t able to do it all himself. He accredits the amazing resources and teachers in Striv with helping him through every step of the way.

“There are great resources out there, when I was brand new just one year ago I started reaching out to Marcus at Johnson County Central and Jeremy at South Central. They were an incredible resource to me, so a big thing is talking to other Striv teachers and using all of your resources.”

The number one problem that we have heard from our Striv teachers is having student involvement from year to year. Hopefully, if you are struggling with student involvement you are to gather some new ideas that could help!

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