Striv Sports Broadcasting Certification Course

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An engaging live stream doesn’t have to break the bank; it’s as simple as adding a headset and sound mixer. Adding announcers to a live stream engages your students and viewers. That’s why we developed the Striv Sports Broadcasting Certification course for our #strivschools. 

The course is video-based and should take your students 20-30 minutes to complete. There are quizzes and resources to guide them through. 

When complete, each student will receive a certificate of completion, with their contact information shared with our Striv team to help us identify those most qualified to help at Striv Sports productions and NSAA State Championship events.

What is included in the broadcasting certification?

Empower your students by giving them a basic understanding of quality announcing and its impact on your school’s broadcast. Your students will thrive when they start with a solid foundation from this course, and more experience will help them grow into possible careers in the field.

Throughout this certification, you will go through three different sections:

  1. Introduction

This section will teach you everything you need to know before streaming a game. Topics such as proper attire and the importance of being on time will be discussed.

Each of the three sections will include multiple lessons that dive deep into each topic.

  1. Preparation

With 13 lessons within, this section is the longest. This makes sense, as most of the work that goes into streaming is done before the game. 

This section will include everything your students need to know before going live.

Topics such as how to act at events, effectively prepare for an event, and be entertaining behind the mic will be discussed. 

When students effectively and efficiently prepare to announce a game, their odds of having a successful broadcast skyrocket.

  1. The Broadcast

The broadcast has eight lessons that will teach students all the information needed to succeed during the broadcast.

Students will learn how to call every aspect of an event. Including how to start the broadcast, how to act on camera, how to handle injuries, and how to sign off.

Why should schools use the Striv Sports play-by-play certification course?

Teachers and school administrators have enough to worry about besides what a student says during a live stream. Untrained students don’t know how to navigate exciting moments, close calls by officials, injuries to players, or several other situations. 

The Striv Sports Play-by-Play Certification course can give your students the foundation to bring solid commentary to any of your school’s broadcasts. Over 18 years and more than 1,100 games of broadcast experience provide the backbone of this course.

If you want to take your school’s broadcast to the next level with quality announcing, enroll your students the Striv Sports Play by Play Certification course in your dashboard found under the Settings tab.

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