“The Tech and Teaching Podcast” Introducing a New Podcast from Striv

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New Year, New Podcast

The Tech & Teaching Podcast is hosted by Striv’s Eric Allgood and Striv AV’s Jordan Hiebner. Each week they will be discussing the latest technology that can help teachers, schools, and other organizations with their live streams. 

Eric has been with Striv for over eight years and has seen it all in the thousands of productions that he has been a part of. From basketball semi-final games to golf invites, he has done just about everything. 

The other half of this two-man crew is Jordan, who has been with Striv for the past three years and has been involved in countless productions. He brings a vast knowledge of streaming equipment and other tech to the table. 

Listen to these two experts in technology and live streaming as they breakdown topics for your live stream and school. The Tech & Teaching Podcast will cover streaming hardware and software to teaching tips for digital media classes. They will also discuss how to use this technology to enhance learning experiences for students and staff.

The Tech & Teaching Podcasts kicks off by talking about the benefits of using zoom controllers in your student broadcasting program!


Episode One: How Zoom Controllers Can Take Your Streaming to the Next Level

The first episode of the Tech & Teaching Podcast talks about one simple product to take streaming to the next level. The Libec Zoom Controller.

Upgrading equipment doesn’t need to be a top priority for your school’s Striv team. As long as you have a camera and tripod, you are ready to stream. It does not need to be fancy, but adding further equipment can help engage your students at another level. 

Is your school looking to take the next step from an entry-level streaming setup? A zoom controller is the next thing! We recommended this to schools who are looking to upgrade their live stream. 

A great price with a wide range of compatibility with different cameras is why we recommended the Libec zoom controller compared to others. 

Adding a zoom controller to your broadcast allows your cameras to have a smooth zoom and highlight important things going on during events. 

For example, when there is a fumble during a football game your audience is going to want a closer view of the action instead of a goal-to-goal view.

It is also important to know how often to zoom in. And how to make it a focus to only use zoom during certain times. Eric sums it up perfectly, saying that the main camera is the steak but the zoom is the seasoning that is on that steak. 

Jordan concludes this episode by talking about the three biggest reasons why schools should incorporate zoom cameras into their live streams;

  1. Convenience
  2. Dynamic
  3. Cost Effective 

Click here to listen to the first Tech & Teaching Podcast episode. Or watch “The Tech and Teaching Podcast” with Eric Allgood and Jordan Heibner here:

Tune in each week to The Tech & Teaching Podcast to hear about the latest tech for your stream and classroom! If you want to start and grow your digital media program, click here!

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