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Since last summer, Striv has helped design and launch NINE new school websites. We love providing yet another media outlet for schools to share their story. Take a look at what some of these Striv Schools are saying about their new website.

Why did you decide you needed a new school website?

The Bruning-Davenport website needed a new look. Previously, students from our web design class managed the site and had added excellent content. However, a new theme brought our site to life and has increased traffic tremendously.

– Damen Kugel, Bruning Davenport Public Schools

We were currently using a Google Site that just wasn’t working…it wasn’t getting updated and it didn’t have the professional look we wanted. We want people to get a great first impression of us regardless of where they get it. The STRIV site did this.

Brandon Marquez, Southern Valley Public Schools

Our website was outdated and we felt it didn’t reflect the image we wanted. It was time to update and make it more professional.-

Karla Rhode, Amherst Public Schools

What has been the best thing about your new website?

The organization is better. The appearance is more professional. It’s a better reflection of our school and the image we want to portray. It has been a huge help to have Striv available to help us make updates.

– Karla Rhode, Amherst Public Schools

It allows students to provide fresh content because they can post articles as part of their journalism class.

Austin Bales, Winnebago Public Schools

The best thing about our new site is the story that it tells. We have added a lot of content and history that fully encapsulates who we are as a district.

-Lori McAbee, Broken Bow Public Schools

How has your new website helped out your community?

They actually view our website now. I think before it was so out of date that it was useless. Now if we don’t get something on there right away we hear about it. This is good because people are using it.

Brandon Marquez, Southern Valley Public Schools

Our new website has increased communication amongst patrons. The calendar, menus, board information has allowed patrons to be more informed about the great things we are doing at Bruning-Davenport.

Damen Kugel, Bruning Davenport Public Schools

I think the community appreciates the new look and appreciate the way information is delivered.

– Lori McAbee, Broken Bow Public Schools

The community is able to go to our website and find the information they are looking for, which allows them to be more involved and supportive of the school

– Karla Rhode, Amherst Public Schools

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