10 Reasons Why We Use Wirecast

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Striv has been helping schools across Nebraska help stream events for over 10 years. Throughout all of these years a lot has changed, but one thing has stayed consistent. Wirecast is the streaming software that our CEO, Taylor Siebert, used when he first started Striv. It is also the streaming software that we recommend to any school that streams with us. 

Eric Allgood and Jordan Heibner go through the top 10 reasons (and two bonus reasons) as to why we still utilize Wirecast in the ninth installment of “The Tech and Teaching Podcast.”


Ten Reasons Why Striv Uses Wirecast


  1. Taylor Used It

As talked about above, Wirecast was the streaming software that Taylor decided to incorporate when he first started Striv.

As Striv evolved to what it is today, so did Wirecast. It provided us with everything we needed to help hundreds of schools stream their events. 


  1. It Has Layers

Wirecast allows users to be as simple or as complex with the different elements that they want to add to their stream. 


  1. User Specific

If you are just starting out using Wirecast, you can make it as easy as you need to effectively stream your events.

On the other hand, if you have been using Wirecast for years, you are able to make it as complex and intricate as you want.


  1. Ease of Adding Media

Wirecast makes it incredibly easy for its users to seamlessly add graphics or commercials to their stream.

We recommend using Wirecast with Dropbox, if you update your files in dropbox it will automatically update them in Wirecast. 


  1. Basic Replay Function

Adding a replay system to your streaming setup can be a very expensive and complicated process. Luckily for Wirecast users, it comes with a basic but effective replay function.

Once you have the replay system set up in Wirecast, it is a very simple and easy element that you can add to your stream.


  1. Secondary Live Output

Having a secondary live output is super handy for announcers, video boards, etc. the possibilities are endless for what you can do with this feature. 

During this year’s state basketball tournament, we used this feature to set up a replay system that the officials could use if they needed to see a replay. 


  1. NDI Outputs

Having all sorts of different outputs will always be a positive when you are live-streaming events. In addition to a secondary live output, Wirecast is also equipped with NDI outputs. 


  1. ISO Recording Inputs

Wirecast allows you to ISO Record all of your different inputs and they will all come in as their own replay shot. This makes it incredibly easy to use different clips to show on replay.


  1. Multi-Destination Streaming

Wirecast makes it possible to stream the same event to multiple different locations. This could be utilized to stream the same event in two different languages. 


  1.  Audio Mapping

Wirecast allows you to choose which audio source you want to associate with that specific stream. 

The boys discuss two more reasons why we love using Wirecast, but you are going to have to listen to the podcast to get those last two!

The Boys are Going Live for Another Episode!

You read that right, you aren’t dreaming, Eric and Jordan will be going live for a second time on March 29th @ 3:45 PM! Make sure to submit your questions to us so Eric and Jordan can answer them live.

Be sure to listen to the full 20-minute-long episode of “The Tech and Teaching Podcast” by watching here:

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