Streaming Questions? Tech & Teaching Goes LIVE Again

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Based on all of the positive feedback that we received from our last live episode, we decided to do it again!

That’s right, Eric Allgood and Jordan Hiebner went live for the tenth installment of “The Tech and Teaching Podcast.”

This week, the boy’s field streaming questions about broadcast audio, capture cards, streaming computers, and Wirecast—all submitted from our amazing Striv community and answer them in detail. Below are some of the engaging streaming questions that were asked!

Questions Tackled

  • What are the best uses for shotgun microphones?
  • In what situations would I ever need or use more than 2 broadcast headsets?
  • What is the best thing to publish when we have streaming trouble?
  • What is the difference between the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro vs. Mini Extreme?
  • At what point should a school make the transition from a capture card to a switcher?
  • What other PC laptops would Striv recommend for schools?
  • Can a school really just have a Mac Mini and an Amazon monitor to stream successfully?
  • For photo and video editing, which do you recommend, Mac or PC?
  • For in-stream advertisements, what are the key features in Wirecast that schools need to be using?
  • How can you encourage students to take that step to become announcers?
  • How do you empower students who really like announcing to take other roles on the stream like camera operator and producer?

If you are interested in hearing the answers to these streaming questions or want to hear Eric and Jordan talk about all things streaming, please watch or listen to the tenth episode of “The Tech and Teaching Podcast:”

We want to give a special shout-out to our very own Danielle Schaf and Nathan Ladehoff! They do an amazing job behind the scenes of the podcast to ensure that everything runs smoothly!

Striv is at the intersection of digital media education. We deliver an engaging curriculum, innovative audio-visual equipment, and an education-based streaming platform. Find out how Striv can help start and grow your school’s digital media program.

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