3 Ways to Incentivize Your Students to Help Stream Games

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Striv teachers, do you struggle to consistently have enough students to help stream games throughout the school year?

Many students have that interest in media and streaming; sometimes, it takes the slightest incentive to get them to help stream games consistently.

We have talked to dozens of our Striv teachers, and from the knowledge that we have learned from them, we have discovered three of the best ways to incentivize students to help stream games!

3 Ways to Incentivize Your Students

1. Offer extra credit in digital media class

If you are a school with a digital media class, this is a perfect opportunity for students to earn extra credit. While simultaneously exposing them to an actual application of different concepts they are learning in class.

A class is an excellent opportunity to grow your pool of students to help stream throughout the year. For some students, just going to help stream one game could unlock a passion they had no idea they had!

2. Brand your production crew

Branding your production crew can be as simple as having t-shirts or hats printed to signify your school’s Striv team. Use these branded items to incentivize your students to come and help stream games. 

Not only does this incentivize your students, but it also creates a feeling of self-belonging for the students on your team, putting a label on your school’s product and making it feel like a production crew. 

Many Striv schools have already branded their production crew, and it is incredible to see students and teachers so passionate about their Striv team. 

3. Offer free food

Offering free food or drinks from the concession stand is one of the most popular tactics we have heard from our Striv teachers. 

It may seem simple, but don’t underestimate the things high school students won’t do for free food. Remember, your goal is to get students to show up. Even if some only help stream one game, two games, etc. 

Getting students to go out of their comfort zone and try something they never thought would is the goal.

If you ever struggle with student engagement or involvement, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us—we are here to help support you and your program, empowering students now and in the future.

Striv TV provides all you need in a streaming platform with the training, resources, and support to produce a high-quality broadcast that helps schools connect with their community and fans while empowering students.

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