The Future of Education-Based Streaming

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As live streaming continues to be the norm for schools, we understand there will continue to be others who join in to try and provide solutions. With the growth in automation, many schools are being presented options to remove the educational component from streaming. However, many #strivschools are continuing to grow and adding more equipment with new learning opportunities for students.

We believe schools that choose an automated camera solution can enhance their streaming by continuing to empower students as announcers and producers to provide new learning experiences. 

Our vision of disrupting education through world-class digital media curriculum, training, support, and technology remains the same, no matter who or what comes along. As more companies try to get subscription dollars from patrons, grandparents, and alums, it’s essential to understand and do what’s best for your school district.

Our purpose is to collaborate with educators to empower students to find their unique purpose and value through creating digital content.

We striv” every day to do this through our core values: to relentlessly SERVE educators; COLLABORATE with schools, teachers, and students; to continually learn and EDUCATE, and EMPOWER teachers and students.

Earlier this spring, we covered the 4 Things Your School Needs to Know Before Making Money on Your Live Stream. Our goal is to continue to help educate schools on new revenue opportunities for their program and help you earn and keep all of the money from advertising or sponsorships from local businesses. 

Pay-Per-View Options

We also offer a PPV option for your live stream with a 70/30 split. We will work with you to develop a plan that allows you flexibility and the opportunity to receive 70% of the revenue from viewers.

Please get in touch with us so how we can help you navigate these conversations and better understand the impact they can have on your program, community, and students.

Striv TV provides all you need in a streaming platform with the training, resources, and support to produce a high-quality broadcast that helps schools connect with their community and fans while empowering students.

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