Field Monitors: Bigger Screen = Better Production.

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What if you didn’t have to squint at a 2-inch screen when you’re staring at your camera? What if there was a way to enhance your content or production with a simple tool? A field monitor is the solution.

Luckily, Eric and Jordan are back yet again in the studio to talk all about field monitors and what they can do for your content creation and live-streaming setup! 

The boys will discuss field monitors in-depth and will take a deep dive into the following topics:

  • What are they
  • Why Your School Needs One
  • Various Options for the Tool
  • Different Ways to Mount
  • Additional Uses

How YOU Can Effectively Utilize Field Monitors

Once you nail the basic elements of your live streaming setup there are countless different upgrades that you can make. One of those being a field monitor. Which is a screen attached to your camera that enlarges your view when you are live streaming.

This simple tool allows your camera operators to have a better view of what they are shooting, which has proven to upgrade the quality of a live stream. 

If your camera operator is streaming for an extended period without a larger screen, it is likely that their eyes will start to fatigue. When you utilize a field monitor, your camera operator has a much bigger screen which helps to decrease eye strain. 

This isn’t the only purpose this piece of equipment can have in your live streaming setup. They can also be utilized as an announcer monitor. 

Announcers can also use the field monitor to talk about the graphics on screen, look at a replay, and know when they are back on air from a commercial break. 

This an amazing purchase that can take your live-streaming setup to another level without breaking the budget. Want shop Striv’s recommendation? We use the Lilliput 7″ HD Monitor.


If you are interested in learning even more about field monitors, make sure to listen to the full episode from “The Tech and Teaching Podcast:”

“The Tech and Teaching Podcast” Goes Live!

We are excited to announce that Eric and Jordan will be going live for the next episode of “The Tech and Teaching Podcast”. This will be happening on Wednesday, February 1st at 3:45 PM. 

Here’s what you need to know:

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