Next Level Student Broadcasting: The What, How, and Why

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When looking at student broadcasting as a whole, it can be very hard to understand the different moving pieces within. When looking at next level broadcasting, schools sometime don’t know what next step is or how to take it. 

That is where Striv steps in. It is our job to make digital media education and student broadcasting as simple as possible. 

Striv is the leading provider of digital media education solutions for schools. We are currently involved with over 100 schools and have been serving them for over 10 years. 

Throughout this blog, we will discuss the three different elements of taking your student broadcast to the next level. That includes the What, How, and Why. Let’s start with the what!

The WHAT of Next-Level Student Broadcasting

The first step in either creating your digital media program or looking to grow it, knowing where to start is often the hardest part. 

Due to that being true, we have created broadcast and equipment guides for schools to learn where to start or what the next step is. 

If you want a full in-depth description of the five levels for both the broadcast and equipment guide, click here to learn more. 

As schools learn and progress through these five levels, so does the quality and engagement of not only their live stream, but their student broadcasting team as well. 

Now that we have discussed the what behind starting or leveling up your student broadcast team. Let’s look into how your school and Striv can make that happen together.

The HOW of Next-Level Student Broadcasting

At Striv, it is our mission to serve schools and help them create or grow their digital media program and student broadcasting program. We accomplish this by providing our #strivschools with resources that can’t be found anywhere else.

One avenue that we do this is through Striv Audio-Visual, better known as Striv AV. It is your one-stop destination for all of your audio-visual and IT needs!

From our 10 years of streaming thousands of events all across Nebraska, we know what equipment will fit your program best.

At the start of 2023, we came out with a brand new podcast called “The Tech and Teaching Podcast.” The goal of this podcast is to give schools the tips, tricks, and knowledge to produce an incredible student broadcast.

These are just two examples of the many different resources that schools unlock when they choose Striv. Having discussed the what and the how behind student broadcasting, it is now time to look at the why!

The WHY of Next-Level Student Broadcasting

There are many different reasons why starting or leveling up your student broadcasting team benefits your school. Let’s look at three different ones that we have identified through our work with over 100 schools;

  1. Increases Student Engagement

When you start to upgrade and add equipment to your live streaming setup, students are eager to learn about the new technology and are engaged more than ever before. 

Increased student engagement means that current students are more likely to stay on your student broadcasting team and that you will begin to attract interest from new students. 

  1. Gives Some Students a “Home”

When students aren’t interested in sports, music, or any of the basic extracurricular activities, they often feel displaced in their own school.

Striv gives these students a home and allows them to learn and grow through digital media education in a nurturing environment. 

  1. Showcase Your School

When people think about Striv and student broadcasting in general, they tend to only think about broadcasting sporting events. But you can showcase every amazing thing that happens at your school.

Striv allows you to share things like choir concerts, student debate competitions, dance and cheer competitions, etc.

Striv is at the intersection of digital media education and delivers an engaging curriculum, innovative audio-visual equipment, and an education-based streaming platform. Find out how Striv can help start and grow your school’s digital media program.

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