‘Live Streaming’ Stories

By Jessica Siebert
May 19, 2016

Striv Drive: Malcolm Clippers and Perkins County Plainsmen

Taylor took a little Striv Drive and made his way to Malcolm in mid April to get another great school set up with Striv and to help them share their school’s story online. Malcolm is a Class C school located…

Paving the Road Back Home

Featuring Johnson County Central’s Assistant Technology Coordinator, Marcus Scheer “It’s not about me…” A point that Assistant Technology Coordinator at Johnson County Central (JCC), Marcus Scheer, wanted to drive home during his interview with Striv. Scheer is about the students…

By Jessica Siebert
April 29, 2016

‘Over’ Achievement an ‘Under’ Statement

Featuring the McCook Bison Striv Class High school brings out a lot of great qualities in all kinds of students. For four McCook seniors, the qualities that have been brought out in them from the benefits of their Striv class…

By Jessica Siebert
April 18, 2016

A Bond No Distance Could Break

Featuring Omaha Central sophomore, Alec Rome The bond between a father and a son can be a special thing. This bond comes in all different forms and for Alec Rome, Omaha Central sophomore, it comes in a 4000 mile away…

By Jessica Siebert
April 6, 2016

Striv Drive: Sioux County Schools

Follow us to the panhandle as we team up with the Warriors Striv is excited to welcome Sioux County Schools as its newest addition! Sioux County is a very unique addition to Striv. If you aren’t sure where it is…

By Taylor Siebert
July 1, 2014

Palmer Public Schools Spotlight [VIDEO]

A year ago Palmer Public Schools embraced a new opportunity for their school which was to live stream their school events. What came next was the creation of Palmer Films. The students and teachers involved in the program have created…

By Taylor Siebert
June 18, 2014

Why High Plains switched to a LIVE News Show

Watch the HPCTV News Show What do you get when a school utilizes its students, technology and the drive to learn more about sharing their story?  You get what High Plains Community School has created: a live school News Show….

live streaming myths
By Taylor Siebert
June 12, 2014

3 Myths of Live Streaming High School Events

1. Normal attenders won’t show up Not only will attendees show up for the event with or without a live stream available, your high school will have fans consisting of alumni, grandparents unable to attend, family across the country and…

By Taylor Siebert
June 4, 2014

Top 10 Striv Schools in 2013-2014 School Year

Are you on the top 10 most viewed? Below is the top ten most viewed Striv Schools during the 2013-14 school year! (calculated based on live views). #10 David City Scouts LIVE Views – 1,327 Unique Pageviews – 4,007 #9 Fairbury Jeffs…

By Taylor Siebert
February 7, 2014

Central 10 Conference Wrestling Meet Saturday at 9AM

We’re excited to have York Public Schools live streaming the Central 10 Conference Wrestling Meet Saturday starting at 9:00AM. To watch the meet LIVE follow this link http://mullen.striv.tv/central-conference.