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By Nate Dupler
March 14, 2023

Striv Students From Over 37 Schools Produce 44 State Basketball Games

Striv students have been busy throughout this year’s NSAA Girls and Boys High School Basketball Championships. Striv students from 37 schools across the state have produced 44 state basketball games! Students can’t get this experience anywhere else. No matter the…

By Nate Dupler
February 23, 2023

“The Tech and Teaching Podcast” BEST Audio for Your Broadcast

Just as important as it is to have incredible video quality in your live stream, it is equally important that you are producing excellent audio. But how do you get the best broadcast audio? This latest installment of “The Tech and…

By Nate Dupler
February 21, 2023

How to Promote Your Live Stream on Social Media

Are you a teacher who is struggling with getting consistent viewership on the events that you live stream? Social media might be your new best friend! Here’s how you can promote your live stream on social media. Many people tend…

By Nate Dupler
February 20, 2023

“The Tech and Teaching Podcast” Goes Live to Answer All of Your Questions!

Throughout the first four episodes of “The Tech and Teaching Podcast”, Eric Allgood and Jordan Hiebner have covered everything from field monitors to fluid-head tripods.  But last episode, the Striv guys came to the studio to do something different… A…

By Nate Dupler
January 27, 2023

Field Monitors: Bigger Screen = Better Production.

What if you didn’t have to squint at a 2-inch screen when you’re staring at your camera? What if there was a way to enhance your content or production with a simple tool? A field monitor is the solution. Luckily,…

Wrong Camera for Streaming
By Nate Dupler
January 20, 2023

“The Tech and Teaching Podcast” Episode 3: The WRONG Camera for Your Live Stream

The boys are back for another episode to talk about the WRONG camera for your live-streaming setup.  Eric Allgood and Jordan Hiebner thoroughly discuss three different types of cameras that schools will see when looking to invest. Those four types…

By Nate Dupler
January 19, 2023

How Superior Built a Flourishing Live Streaming Program

Even though Logan Christiancy has only been involved with Striv at Superior Public Schools for one year, he has transformed Superior’s live streaming program.  There are over 20 students involved with Striv at Superior, ranging from high schoolers to even…

By Nate Dupler
January 6, 2023

“The Tech and Teaching Podcast” Introducing a New Podcast from Striv

New Year, New Podcast The Tech & Teaching Podcast is hosted by Striv’s Eric Allgood and Striv AV’s Jordan Hiebner. Each week they will be discussing the latest technology that can help teachers, schools, and other organizations with their live…

By Nate Dupler
January 3, 2023

Announcing New Partnership Between Striv TV and NE ScoreFeed!

Striv, Inc. is proud to team up with NE ScoreFeed in order to help all Nebraska fans track their favorite teams’ scores and watch high-quality live streams. This new partnership is a great way for communities, schools, and supporters everywhere…

By Nate Dupler
December 22, 2022

How to Enhance Your Automated Camera for Winter Streaming

The subzero temps are here, and over winter break you may be looking for ways to upgrade your automated camera setups so you can stream with unparalleled quality. Whether you’re streaming a basketball or a wrestling dual, enhance your automated…