‘Education’ Stories

By Nate Dupler
April 25, 2023

Share Your Insights with Striv: Take our Business & Tech Teachers Survey

Technology is an ever-changing landscape, but is education keeping pace? We want your feedback! Take our short 2-minute Business and Tech Teachers Survey so we can help better support teachers like you. In a world where technology is advancing at…

By Nate Dupler
November 9, 2022

Striv & Midland University: Empowering Students in the Digital Media World

Striv and Midland University are committed to empowering students in the digital media world. We want to give students every opportunity to be successful through digital media education. Striv’s vision is to see education transformed by student-driven learning through the…

By Nate Dupler
August 16, 2022

3 Crucial Reasons Why Students Need to be Involved in Live Streaming

Recently there has been a big rise in the use of automated cameras to live stream high school sporting events.  This means that students are being replaced in their live stream by automated cameras. We believe this is an incredible…

By Nate Dupler
August 9, 2022

Integrating Education with Automated Camera Streaming

When we started our company over ten years ago, we knew that streaming needed to be educational if we wanted to work with schools. We have helped schools produce over 1,000 events, and we know the impact of having students…

By Nate Dupler
May 11, 2022

4 Things Your School Needs to Know Before Making Money on Your Live Stream

Administrators and athletic directors: are you considering monetizing your school’s live stream? If so, we have the perfect webinar for you! We have helped schools produce thousands of events and know how to provide the best live stream experience and…

By Eric Allgood
January 25, 2022

NEXT LEVEL: Oakland-Craig Student awarded a full-ride scholarship to UNL for digital media

With the continued growth in the media and communications industry, the time is now to learn how your school can integrate digital media education into your curriculum. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment in film and video…

By Eric Allgood
December 14, 2021

NEXT LEVEL: Featuring Schuyler Community Schools

Schuyler Community Schools is already considered one of the “all in” #strivschools in our community, and this month they went to the next level.  Schuyler has been a Striv school for almost 7 years now, and they started the same…

By Eric Allgood
August 9, 2021

Striv Education in Slack!

Please join our Striv Education Slack workspace to maximize your communication with the Striv team! Send DM’s to other Striv teachers, get direct access to all members of the Striv team, ask questions in our featured channels, and get updates…

By Eric Allgood
December 18, 2020

Winter Summit 2021

REGISTER HERE This year’s #StrivWinterSummit2021 is coming directly to you and your students!  We are so excited to offer you and your Striv crew the flexibility to attend our Winter Summit right from your classroom.   What: 7 recorded videos, live…

By Eric Allgood
December 7, 2020

4 Ways to Recruit Students to your Steam Team

With basketball season kicking off, a lot of our Striv Schools find themselves with a new crew of students, or not enough students on board with the season change. We all know that once you get your crew launched it’s…